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We invite you to celebrate the life of George Beverly Shea by sharing your thoughts and memories here. While we cannot post each entry we receive, this page will display the words of people around the world who have been impacted by Bev Shea’s life and ministry. We will post new thoughts from site visitors from time to time.

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In Honor of George Beverly Shea We are grateful for the outpouring of support and comfort offered by visitors to this Web site. Below are some of your thoughts and memories.

A special man with a God given voice as said on a occasion “the world was. Better place with George in it
— Fred

Bev Shea’s voice has brought me closer to the Lord than any other man on this Earth. I feel a little low or out of sorts, out comes one of his many songs I have in my collection and the day turns to sunshine. I thank the Lord for Him letting us have Bev Shea in our lives for so many years. We will miss his praises to the Lord!
— Ron

What a awesome christian and singer . Loved to here him sing ” How Great Thou art “” He will truly be missed. Prayers go out to his family. Sorry for your loss. Kelley
— Kelley

I grew up watching Billy Grahams Sermons on a little bitty black and white Tv. Later in my life when I strayed from God, believe some of those seeds added with others and God never let me go until I settled my Salvation and made Him LORD of my Life. I will always be thankful for the Billy Graham Ministries and that my parents watched it ,told me about Jesus and took ne to church. I will always remember George Beverly Sheas Amazing voice through the years of continuing to watch Billy Grahams sermons. Praying for his family and all that will miss him!

God Bless!
– Tammy Malek

Thank you for sharing this beautiful service with the world.

There have been so many really sad things on the news and to see this service of George Beverly Shea today has been a great inspiration to me today.

Thank you and thank you.
— Edna

I remember hearing George Bev Shea singing all my life he is my Mother’s favorite singer and I think she had all if not most of his records.
I have a younger sister who at 6 months old would sit in front of the record player as Mr. She sang one of his songs by the title of “Hallelejah.” Like I said my 6 month old sister (at the time) listened to that song over and over, and honest before the Lord her first word was “Hallilejah.” She didn’t say it perfectly but she said it before any other word.
Michael Netherton
— Michael

The first time I heard George sing was during ‘Mission England’ in the mid 1980’s at Bristol UK. That song was ‘I’d Rather have Jesus’ It has remained with me ever since, and the Word that Billy preached that day. In the years since, having come to faith through their ministry, I have been privileged to have been Ordained a Priest, and have had the privilege to lead others, including my own father-in-law, to Christ. His passing to glory will leave a huge void in many lives.
— Peter


When I saw the announcement of George Beverly Shea’s death scroll across the bottom of the television screen I just wept. What a wonderful man of God and musical talent that was used for Christ alone! I am listening to my George Beverly Shea CDs and remembering all the Billy Graham crusades, live and televised, where I heard George Beverly Shea give witness through his annointed voice while pointing us to our blessed Savior. “How Great Thou Art!”
— Dr. Karmen

What this man must have seen over the years. It’s incredible when you think about it.
— MA

I am so very glad to add my tribute to George Beverly Shea, as he has had such a profound influence in my life and journey as a Christian. My father often confessed that Mr. Shea got him through some dark days in seminary when he would come home somewhat discouraged, and put a stack of Mr. Shea’s 45 RPM records on and be renewed in his faith. On this past Sunday we remembered Mr. Shea in our worship service, and heard again that great sermon/song, “I”d Rather Have Jesus.” Looking forward to meeting one of my hero’s in Heaven someday! Blessings!
— Thomas

Although I have not seen and heard George Beverly Shea in person, I have listened to his music ever since I was in high school and on to College and even now. I am singing some of his songs in my ministry. We all will miss his voice but he will continue to sing his music in heaven with Jesus Christ. My deepest love to his family. Russell Edwards, Marshall Islands
— Russell

Thank you George Beverly Shea for God inspired “Blessings” of Gods words/love and peace in song…I grew up listening/watching the Billie Graham crusades with my grandmother, and I continue to love hearing you sing and Billie Graham preach Gods’ word on TBN ….Now sleep in peace until that Glorious day when “the dead in Christ shall rise first”.
— D

My prayers go out to the families. I know he is in heaven sitting by our Lord and singing in the great choir of heaven. We will see him again and I loved and love his music. id rather have Jesus is the best song ever and until then we will run the great race. Love Deanna and family
— Deanna

Bev Shea is a wonderful man and will be missed, but now he sings in God’s choir. I know Heaven is rejoicing to have him. My family loved to hear him sing on the Billy Graham Crusade. My parents are in Heaven and I know they were glad to see Bev arrive, especially my mother she loved to hear him sing “How Great Thou Art” You will be truly missed by all, but we will see you again my friend. God Bless and be close to his family in their hour of need.
— Peggy

I grew up listening to George Beverly Shea sing. My mom would listen to him on the Moody radio station and even remember going to Chicago to hear him sing at a Billy Graham crusade. It was so crowded that I laid on the floor to give someone my seat! Thanks to you for blessing my life and reminding me how great God really is:)
— Kathryn

God gave me the priviledge of meeting Bev Shea at Lake Avenue Congregational Church in pasadena, California. When working for Moody Radio, Bev Shea was an announcer for a very dear friend of mine Clair Hutchins. Clair would sing on the Moody Broadcasts.

I loved Bev Shea’s kindness and humility. He is a saint of God that will never be forgotten about!Heaven is the better with him there, even though our hearts are sad. Thank God for that Blessed Hope!
— Denise

My father knew Billy Graham and George Beverly Shea many years ago. We have pictures of them together and some of Mr. Shea’s first records. My sister, Beverly, is named after him. What a blessing his music was and will continue to be to my family. I thank God for blessing our lives with this precious man.
— Rachel

I would have loved to know this wonderful man. I did attend several Billy Graham meetings, that’s where I fell in love with this wonderful man.
— Nancy

I can never listen to “How Great Thou Art” without hearing Bev Shea. I will miss him.
— Linda

I first saw Mr. Shea on one of the Gaither Homecoming programs and found out that he and I were born on the same day exactly fifty years apart. I have followed him ever since and was amazed when he reached 100 and was still singing as he did many years ago. I too sing as a baritone in our church choir and this past Sunday as the song leader in our service I changed our second hymn to I’d Rather Have Jesus in honor of a great Godly man who now sings in the heavenly choir with Jesus. May God rest his soul.
— Dan

My mother, God bless her soul, loved to hear Bev sing and on a Sunday morning before we went to church she would play his record to wake us all up before breakfast.

I saw him sing at Earls Court in London, UK in the late 1960’s when he was there at a Billy Graham Crusade along with Clifford Barrows and Ethel Waters who sang too.

— Andrew

I work at our church in the mornings and am listening to his CD down; so uplifting. Wonderul memories of him, Bro. Graham and their team. Bro. Shea will be greatly missed.

— Ella

My parents Bert and Tina Lubberts loved listening to George B Shea’s music, they were Dutch immigrants and were very selective in the kind of music they allowed in their home.
My parents too are with The Lord worshipping Him along with Mr Shea. So proud that he was a fellow Canadian..loved the Mountie ..such a thoughtful touch.
— Janie

The Greatest Male Gospel Singer ever. Rest in Peace
— Bill

From a young girl in Jamaica George B Shea caught my attention as I listened Billy Graham on our little battery radio. When I came to the USA, I continued to watch him sing at the crusades. George was a special gift send from God to bless the world with his annointed voice. I lasty saw him in an interview with Bill Gaither when he was 100 years old. Absent from the body is to present with the Lord. I will meet him again in glory land.
— Millicent

I grew up hearing Mr.Shea singing on the Billy Grham crusades as well as hearing his many song recordings. He has touched my heart with his message and life. I have now passed his wonderful music on to my children and grandchildren. I want his family to know that in my own life he has been a blessing and an inspiration to me.
— Lori

My husband, Dick Madison passed away April 15, 2013. He loved George Beverly Shea and had many of his CD’s and listened by the hour to them. He said many times this man had a voice God had given to him to honor and glorify the precious name of Jesus. Many souls have been won to the Lord because his songs were a sermon set to music. He will have many souls awaiting him for crowns to cast at the feet of Jesus.
We have been associated for years with the Billy Graham Ministries. My husband and I used the literature from the Billy Graham Ministries in our jail ministry. We had Mr. Riggs in our home. We feel as if we have been a part of this team and have been blessed. We contribute to both the Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’

We offer our love to Mr. Shea’s family and they find comfort in knowing he is with Jesus in heaven. Many others will also be there because of this great man of God.
My prayers are with you, Mrs. Dick Madison
— L. Ruth.

To the family of George, I grew watching the Billy Graham crusades and I could tell George was singing because you miss that deep voice of his. He will be greatly missed by everyone. May God be with you at this time and always. Take pride that he will singing in the heavenly choir or doing a solo. My prayers are with you .


— Ann Creech

My mother Rachel Hammond went to a small country school in Baysville Ontario, Canada With Mr. George Beverley Shea. She always said there was something special even at that time & she knew he would go on to make the world a better place.
— Aubrey G.

When George Beverly Shea sang, it always blessed my soul. He touched my heart every time he sang “I’d Rather Have Jesus” and other worship songs. Thank you Lord for loaning Beverly Shea to this world. I’m sure he is delighted to be home with you, the One he always loved and worshiped. Thank you so much, Beverly Shea for using the gifts God gave you to bless so many lives. You will be sorely missed.
— Bobbi

Ronald and Elaine,
Tonight my thought go out to you. May our Heavenly Father be close and a comfort to you. Your Dad was one of our favorite singers.

Earthly love from us to you both.

— Jeff and Patty

Mr.Shea is my favorite gospel singer and always will be. I heard him live at a crusade and have loved him ever since. He is now singing face to face with our Lord what a true man of God. We all have been very very blessed.

Codolences to the Shea family thank you for sharing this amazing man of God with the world.
— Darlene

I am not really a music person, but I sure was when it came to George Beverly Shea. His music always inspired me and spoke to me about the Lord. His music was as gospel music should be, about the Lord. He ministered to millions over his life and what a example for all of us. He will be greatly missed and I thank him for always inspiring me through his music.
— Andy

The world will miss the light he gave to us. Heaven’s choir got greater.
— Karen

I’ll always remember him singing I’d Rather Have Jesus Than Anything” I loved his smile. He was a true christian man. My mother told me that I was named after him. I am very proud to be named after him.
— Beverly

My brothers and I grew up listening to Mr. Shea singing with the Billy Graham Crusade. My daddy favorite song was How Great Thy Are. Heaven gained a Heavenly Voice.
— Cheryl

George will be missed by my husband and I. We have been fans for four years, when we both gave our lives to Christ and watched billy graham for the first time. Thank you Brother Shae for your beautiful music!! We have been wanting to meet you and we know one day we will have that opportunity. Until then we will keep listening to your beautiful hymns! Prayers to your family, friends and fans
— Tera

My condolances to the family of George Beverly Shea. When my uncle sent me this link I had no idea that George had passed, Hearing his voice brought memories flooding my soul. Truly he feels like we have lost a family member.

As the daughter of two pastors and having been raised in a Christian family George Beverly Shea in music was present in song at every important occasion in our family. I woke to his music and often went to bed with it. I can still hear my mother siging along with him while she baked bread in the kitchen. He will always be apart of me and members on my family. Thank you to his wife and children for sharing George Beverly Shea with the rest of us. I know there must have been many times he was a way from all of you but I want you to know his Christian family love you for doing this.

Rest safe in the arms of Jesus George Beverly Shea. Thank you for sharing the gift God gave you with the rest of us. We love you for it.

— Faith

George Beverly Shea was a great gift from God in my life. I am 57 years old and had the good fortune to hear him as a teen when he performed at Moody Bible Institute. As a young Christian at the time, God worked through Bev to make an impact on my life. A few years later, I had an opportunity to receive my grandfather’s collection of Bev’s albums from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. These albums are one of my most cherished possessions even today. Thank you Bev for the Godly life you lived and for the people you touched through your singing for the good of the kingdom of God! I hope to meet you down the road in heaven.

— John

My wife and I were blessed to have had the opportunity to sing in the Billy Graham Crusade Choir twice in St. Louis, MO. Once in the Arena by Forest Park and again in the Edward Jones Dome. It was a “Foretaste of Glory Divine” to participate in the singing of songs with Mr. Shea under Cliff Barrow’s directing. To have been able to have this joyful experience is a very special priviledge for both of us and the other members of our small church choir who were able to also be a part of the Crusade Choir in the St. Louis Crusades. Thank you Lord for the life and ministering of Brother Shea. Many other televised Crusades worldwide also bless our recollection. It seems to me that on this side of Heaven there is no equivalent to the Crusade ministry of Bev, Cliff, and Billy.
God’s caring peace be with each member of the Shea family. [John 14:27]
— Milton

Mr. Shea had the most amazing voice I have ever heard. Even before I became a Christian I heard him sing at Brother Graham’s crusade on TV. At first I was going to change the channel, I just wasn’t into that sort of thing. I just couldn’t do it though! I don’t know if it was the song, the man singing it or what but from that day on I began my search for Jesus. Mr. Shea will be sorely missed but at least when I depart this world I’ll get a chance to finally meet him and Brother Graham when he gets the call to “come home”. Rest in Peace Sir. My sincere condolences to all of his family and friends, may God bring you the blessed peace of knowing exactly where he is and that he now sings in the Hallelujah Choir!!
— Deborah

I remember being in the Crusade Choir in London when there was a terrific thunder storm and a bolt of lighting came through the sky whilst GBS was singing ‘How Great thou Art! I shall never forget that moment and also the wonderful voice of GBS.

— Maggie

vietnaum vet. Blown up. When discouraged, one man made me think positive about our Lord. Unbelievable to some, maybe, but all I needed to be positive was a song from a guy who gets what life can do to be better. He saved my day. And.i am planning on singing with Him one of these days.
— Richard

I grew up in a close Baptist community in Auckland, New Zealand and discovered Mr. Shea’s music in the early 1950’s. As I grew older, I wandered far from the Lord but never forgot Mr. Shea’s inspirational singing. As YouTube emerged, I decided to seek out Mr. Shea’s music there – and was staggered to learn that he was still alive…as was Mr. Graham. This led me to video’s of Mr. Graham’s preaching…and these brought me back to the fold after almost 60 years of backsliding. Without Mr. Shea, I mght never have re-united with the Lord. I only regret that I never took the time to write him a brief note to thank him – but am comforted by the knowledge that he is now fully aware of allhe has done for so many, of whom I am only one
— David

All through my childhood, my dad would play Bev Shea’s albums a night & the sweet music would usher us into sleep. As I got older we would listen to broadcasts from WCRF (Cleveland)of the Billy Graham Crusade and hear Bev sing. I cannot choose my favorite hymn, because once I think of one, then all of the wonderful songs come flooding back. I enjoyed seeing Bev visiting with the Homecoming Friends & his interview with Bill Gaither. What a sweet, lovely man. Although the 33rpm albums of my youth are long gone, I have a few CD’s of his music still to enjoy until I join my parents at the feet of Jesus & maybe my dad will sing a duet with Bev Shea.
— Ruth

I am thankful for Mr Shea’s wonderful ministry to the world. He touched many lives – including our family. Years ago when Billy Graham was in his first pastorate and George would sing for the radio broadcast ‘Songs in the Night’ – before they were well known; my deceased husband – Bill McPhail – who was four years old = would listen to the Sunday night broadcast – in bed. He received his call to preach while listening to the program. He knew that he was very young but didn’t know the year until he read Billy Graham’s book – ‘Just As I Am’. Also his Dad – Bill McPhail – who played the sax – was part of the Rader Tabernacle Band and they accompanied George Beverly Shea when he sang at the Tabernacle or on the Youth for Christ musical cruises on Lake Michigan. It is amazing how many peoples’ lives have been touched – we are just one family! Thank you!
— Judy

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I was 14 years old when my mother took me to the first Billy Graham Crusade at Washington and Hill. I have been a favorite of Billy Graham and Team and have loved each one of them and their stand and commitment to our Lord over the years. I was so saddened to learn of Bev’s death, but I know he is really singing his heart out now. My mother won a picture of Christ at a night at the crusade for having the most children there. I have it hanging on my wall today. I was 14 then and I’m now 76. God bless all of your team. The moments are all passing us by and we shall behold Him and shall be with Him forever. Bless His Name
— Joan Barnwell

I thank the Lord for having had the privilege of listening to the voice of Mr. Shea. He truly reflected the words of Psalms 100:1-2, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness; come before his presence with singing.”
just the other day I watched one of the 1957 Madison Square Garden Crusade services that my Dad faithfully attended.Dad was a cripple, but despite his pain he only missed 4 services. The messages Dr. Graham preached touched his soul and the music of the the choir led by Mr. Barrows and songs song by Mr. Shea touched his heart- especially Blessed Assurance, I’d Rather Have Jesus and How Great Thou Art.
I thank our Lord for giving us such a living testimony through the lives of the entire team. Jesus remains- “The way, the truth and the life..” John 14:6. Because of your ministry there are many of us who would “rather have Jesus than anything!”
A believer with a grateful heart,
Stu Cameron,Fredericksburg, VA
— Stu

My condolences to the family. Mr. Shea will always be my favorite singer. I did have the privilege to hear him in person in 1980 in Reno, Nevada. I have been taping the Billy Graham crusades when they show on the Christian networks. I sometimes will refrain from taping some singers to make more room on the tape, but never with Mr. Shea. It doesn’t matter what song he sang, I still tape it because he had a beautiful voice and I’ve loved to listen to him. We lost a wonderful man and singer, but the Heavenly Choir is more beautiful. God bless you Mr. Shea. We will miss you.
— Marla