Quotes from Billy Graham

The following are a collection of quotes, from over the years, by Billy Graham on George Beverly Shea …
“I have sometimes said that I would feel lost getting up to preach if Bev were not there to prepare the way through an appropriate song. But I will always be grateful not only for his musical contributions to our Crusades but also for his warm spirit and his personal friendship over the years. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard him utter an unkind or critical word about anyone.”
—Excerpt from Just As I Am—Billy Graham’s autobiography

“Bev Shea has been one of the most faithful servants of the Lord I’ve ever known. I count it a great privilege to have been his friend for so many years. Thousands of people have come to hear Bev sing, and I have had the privilege of preaching the Gospel to them. … To have Bev as a friend and a neighbor has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.”
—February 26, 2008, Letter celebrating Bev Shea’s 99th Birthday

“I wish I had his energy and his strength and his sweetness and his humility and his love. He has it all. I admire him and love him. We’ve been together all these years.”
—May 30, 2000, Nashville Press Conference

“Bev is such a quiet and gentle soul.”
—April 11, 1997. For Moody Radio

“I’ll tell you, it’s a tremendous joy and privilege to be with you all and I’m glad that you had Bev Shea sing. I’d rather have Bev Shea sing than anybody in the whole world.
I’ve heard him a few times.”

—June 22, 1995, Southern Baptist Convention

“And Bev Shea is one of the humblest men I have ever met and when he sings he sings a sermon. It’s not just a show that he puts on.”
—June 19, 1993, Interview for North American Conference for Itinerant Evangelists